Is CTFO Free?

YES! Absolutely! Definitely! Indeed it is!

What are you looking for in the inquiry, “Is CTFO Free?” I guess would be my question. If you’re asking “are there any hidden costs” I would have to answer ‘No’ there are not, not in my experience and not to my knowledge. But if you’re asking if there is a cost to becoming a business partner then the answer is still, there are no hidden cost, and yes — it is Free.

I am going to be very direct in briefly answering that question. “Is CTFO Free?” But you may be unfamiliar with the CTFO CBD products and business. There is more about that here at my business page.

To become a CTFO Independent Associate, it is completely free. Our help is free. Our support and feedback are completely free. The opportunity is risk free. So in short, yes CTFO is free. The Associate website and back office are free.

When I signed up with CTFO, the form asked if I wanted to place an order and had a ‘Not now thanks’ option. Then it asked if I would want to set up an auto ship plan with another ‘Not now thanks’ option. I simply selected not now twice and signed up as a FREE Independent Associate.

After signing up I was given a response with various links to my business website, my back office, and instructions on how to go about setting up my commission account when I began receiving orders. In the back office there are various tools and sources of information. On the website there are shareable videos (which you may have seen if you visited my business site.)

Here is what is not free. Building a business takes hard work. Building a business with a product that is still in the early adopter stage of growth is hard work. CBD Oil is gaining momentum in the news and on social media because the results are so astounding but it is still fairly new. So there is great opportunity here, but building any kind of business, no matter how promising the compensation plan is, no matter how good the product, is hard work. That is an investment that each business owner has to make and no one will do it for them. They’ll be help in this type of business but no one will do it for you.

As you read the reviews of what CBD Oil can do you begin to realize what we’re getting for free here. This is a ground-floor opportunity on the next booming health movement. Big pharma is already working hard to prevent it. But they will not be able to because this sort of thing grows person to person and household to household.

What prompted you to make this inquiry? Is CTFO Free? OR did you see it in my menu and read it from there. Whatever it was, I am glad you are here. This is going to be a life changer for so many. Truly it will change the future outcome of many who read this and many others who I will meet on this CTFO journey.

Will you join me on the journey. I am offering my FREE help to one dozen of my direct referrals. I still have several slots open so if you’re interested please let me know. I want to help you and work together with you. As my team grows you will be working together and networking with many others knowledgeable in online marketing, direct sales and marketing, and knowledgeable regarding CBD oil and CTFO. Will you join the team? To join just click the Independent Associate image below. To ask me a question you can use the PM form below any comments or go to my business site here and contact me there.

Kind regards to you always regardless of your choice here.

Always For Others,



CTFO Independent Associate = CTFO $$$!

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