I’m So Tired God

“And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” Galatians 6:9

I’m so tired God was my thought as I was puttering, tidying and loading the dishwasher this morning. The response in my mind from the Spirit was instantaneous and surprised me. “Be not weary in well doing, for in due season you shall reap if you faint not.” I was surprised because I have conditioned myself and my responses to give myself and others a lot of slack; a lot of wiggle room. Normally when I feel this way I do not announce to God that I do I just go and take a power-nap before proceeding with life. But by addressing God in this way I opened the door to get His view on it. I was surprised perhaps also because it was certainly not my response.

Not that God is against us taking a nap from time to time. He actually instructed Elijah and others to do so at times. Exhaustion has a way of catching up with us and God knows that. But He also knows our mood and our tendency to throw in the towel from time to time. In this particular instance I suspect my fatigue is due to two things; too many irons in the fire and a sense of overwhelm. A nap at this moment would not solve my tired feeling because when I awake the pressures that I have brought on myself will still be there. My writing here is a way of working through that.

Whether we are working to build a business or it is ministry that pulls us in one hundred different directions, we are bound to get tired from time to time. It is inevitable. Not being weary in well doing is the order of things; first to be sure that it is due to well doing and not self-directed and self-serving endeavors. Then there is room for a power nap. I may go do that. But there needs to be a place where we discard unprofitable habits and we prioritize the good. Where we are not weary in well doing and doing all of it decently; and orderly.

Keeping it short and sweet I will end here.
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Blessings to you and kind regards always,




  1. It turned out to be an incredible day. First, I did not give into the tired feeling. After loading the dishwasher I sat to write this post. Then after that I worked around the house on several projects pushing through the tired feeling and getting a second wind. Much of the fatigue has been due to heart burn and continual joint aches. I have become accustomed to just ignoring it but sometimes it just wears me down. We decided to tour through mid-Maine and go to a few favorite places for my daughter’s birthday day. She is a photographer and we like to travel and she snaps pictures. We went to The Holy Donut where they sell gluten free donuts but found they were sold out, then we stopped at a health food store to see if they had pastries. While there I bought some CBD oil to take to compare with what I have and market. It is lesser grade (much less) but it resolved my heartburn beautifully and my joint aches were greatly minimized. We drove up Route 1 to BoothBay Harbor for pictures and a bite to eat. The prices there —- terribly expensive. Yikes! Lol

    I am thankful for a good day and for the second wind. Thanks for reading this follow-up to my post if you happened to make it this far. Kind regards again. -DCarl

  2. I’m so happy you had a wonderful day with your daughter! It sounds like pushing through your tiredness was the best thing you could have done. I too feel like napping often, but I honestly feel that it’s become a habit. And it results in my feeling tired if I don’t. It’s a wicked circle. Lol.



    • Suzanne I do not think there is anything wrong with taking a nap. Jesus did it if that says anything. 😀 Which of course it does. We’re not at all Him but He is our divine Role Model for sure. Slothfulness is characterized by an aversion to work and those who take a break from work once in a nap are not at all slothful. You Suzanne are probably the hardest working online businesswoman I know. Or at least one among a few. You are constantly turning out incredible lessons and posts on your site. Let me say… well done! Thank you for commenting here. Kind regards again and always.


      • Thank you Carl, for your kind words. I truly enjoy all of your articles. You are a very busy man as well! Thus the tiredness, lol.

        • I really appreciate that Suzanne. Too busy at times but it is mostly my own doing. I cannot believe the energy and clarity of thought that I have (not to mention relief from pain) after just roughly 24 hours of taking a very small dose of CBD oil on top of my usual regimen of QScience supplements. I am excited about both of these products now that we have seen such good results. But enough about that, I get excited about it — thank you again for your training and for your kind words also. It is humbling to read that you enjoy ALL of my articles.


  3. Good post Carl,

    I hope you’ve had a chance to catch up on rest since you wrote this.

    Not being weary in doing good, and working diligently, surely are part of righteous living; but, doing too much can have detrimental effects on our health.

    I don’t know if you practice taking a full rest every seventh day,
    but if not, I suggest you meditate on that Godly prescription.

    Although it takes a great deal of faith and trust to do it,
    if God rested from all His work, what makes us think we can’t afford it?



    • Edwin,

      Thank you for that adminition and you are right. When I could not get a hold of you Sunday I thought that you were probably taking a day to reflect and not work. We cannot afford it – rest is healthy for mind, body, and spirit. Thank you for the reminder. I appreciate that.

      Kind regards brother,


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