Ways of Pleasantness

“Her ways are ways of pleasantness,
and all her paths are peace.”
Proverbs 3:17

Who’s ways? Who is the ‘her’ that the Word is speaking about here? Keeping it short let’s define ‘her’ in the context. Then keeping it sweet let’s consider what a beautiful truth this is. Okay?

Proverbs 3:13-14 says, “Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding. For the merchandise of it is better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereof than fine gold.”

Some would say that the ‘she’ referred to in verses 15-18 is wisdom, but I am not convinced that this is exact enough. I believe that the ‘she’ is referring to the ‘merchandise of it’. That is to say, the benefits of finding wisdom and getting understanding. What I believe is promised or promoted in these few verses are the wonderful benefits of wisdom and understanding to the man or woman that lays hold of them. Not the riches of this world but the riches (priceless riches) of peace of heart, mind, and soul.

What is the merch of wisdom? Verses 15-18 explains…

Verse 15 – she is more precious than rubies. Nothing you can want can be compared to her.
Verse 16length of days, riches and honor.
Verse 17 – hers are ways of pleasantness and paths of peace.
Verse 18 – she is a tree of life, and happy is everyone that retains her. The merch of wisdom — what beautiful and precious gifts our God and King offers to us through the wisdom of His Word.

I have mentioned many of these in both the Higher Ground and Worm Digger Series not even realizing these nuggets were here.

To keep it short & sweet I have to end.
Until next time. Kind regards. -DCarl

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  1. Hey Carl, interesting thought; however, if we seek to establish the context including verse 13, we find that wisdom is the primary subject; hence the common interpretation of her being wisdom.

    In the version you are using (KJV I believe), verse 14 becomes critical because it uses “it,” referring to both “wisdom and understanding,” so it appears as if it’s talking about the merchandise, but it isn’t that way in most translations.

    Regardless, the KISS nugget is that
    these are all desirable Godly attributes.



    • Edwin,

      I am thankful for your willingness to challenge my explanation of the context. I do seek to establish context and I completely concur with you. I was thinking about this post and reading back into Proverbs chapter 2 and it seemed to indicate Wisdom is indeed the subject her. The feminine pronoun is used throughout with relation to wisdom. I will be reading it through thoroughly over the next several days to get a better understanding of it. Part of my thing in AllMyMentorsAreDead is that I do not think any one has a corner on the truth nor is any one of us right 100% of the time. That would be impossible for us a fallible beings. Having the courage to openly discuss these things and to accept correction and even reproof where needed is a mark of maturity. I thank you for this dialogue and your comment brother.

      Kind regards again and always. -DCarl

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