We All Have Something To Offer

Everyone has something to offer and you can learn a little something from every encounter. The perspective that children have on life can teach you a great deal. The years of observation from an elderly person, and the wisdom associated with that, can be a wealth of insight. Even all creation has much to teach as Jesus was often fond of pointing out. I do not profess to know everything but I like to think that I have the curiosity of a child, the wisdom that goes along with having been around for a little while, the careful and considerate observation of created things, and the help of the Spirit of Life. I like to think that I have a little bit to offer everyone.

I am certain that I have a great deal to learn from you too dear reader. Your unique perspective is super valuable. You may not think so, or you may be certain of it too, but whatever your perspective it is nevertheless true. How you look at things and how you communicate it can impact others in magnificent ways. That is why on almost every post I ask for your input. Your comments do not go unnoticed. I especially want to hear if you disagree with me. If you vehemently disagree then even more so. I am okay with that. I have not ‘cornered the market’ so to speak, on truth and on life. I welcome the challenge to my thinking, and I promise to respond with kindness.

My goal is to honor all men.

I do not profess to know everything but there are a few things that have been passions of mine and life-long studies of mine that I will be sharing here in lesson-by-lesson format. There are three courses of study that I will be developing as time progresses. These will be emailed to my subscribers with the following titles so you can follow along or delete them at your discretion and according to your preference.

The studies so far will be:

  1. Worm Digger; Biblical principles for slowly building wealth that lasts.
  2. Red Letter Faith; A Biblical study of many of things Jesus said and taught.
  3. Higher Ground; A Biblical study of God’s deeper work in us from birth to eternity.

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The precepts I have and will share here came to me through years of study, trial and error, and much redirection by God’s Spirit. It is my hope as we revisit everything God taught me during my journey that you will be encouraged at the least, and blessed at best, as you put into practice some of the things that God confirms to you to be true. If you want to see what each is about then simply click the title of each study above and the embedded link will take you to a brief description. If you have any questions you can private message me using the form below.

Kind regards to you always,






  1. I love that you are keeping faith at the forefront of your blogs and growth. I personally believe that as we develop our areas of business – we will only see acceleration if we are including the Holy Spirit into our thinking, our process!
    Thanks for the reminder!

    • To be honest Ben I set out to make it purely a business and God had other plans. I cannot in good conscience pursue this business without including Him. And now that I have I have such a strong peace about what is happening here. And about the other ventures (purely business ventures) that He is leading me into. Thank you for your encouragement. And thank you for your connection with me on Facebook.

      Kind regards to you brother always,


  2. Hi Carl,

    Great post! I love the concept you are implementing of the 3 combined courses; combining business, and putting the Lord 1st and at the forefront of our businesses. This indeed is very important.

    I look forward to taking these biblical courses.

    God bless!

    • Thank you Paul.

      I have to admit that I was going into this website building business strictly as a business. But the Lord had other plans apparently. It will be neat to see the connection unfold between the journey to Higher Ground, Christianity according to Jesus, and Worm Digger. I am glad that you are joining us for the journey. Can’t wait to hear how or if it has helped. And look forward to any input you might have that can make it better and more helpful.

      Kind regards always and forever,


      • Hi Carl,

        I’m looking forward to the journey to Higher Ground. I appreciate your spirit; and how you put the Lord first in all things. I will keep you posted on my progress as we go. I look forward to walking with you along our way to Higher Ground.

        God Bless!


        • Rad! Glad to have you along my friend. I will be emailing the updates as they are available. Thank you for trusting me with your email address. I do not take that lightly as there are a lot of people building lists these days to profit therewith. Talk to you later Paul. Kind regards again and always.

  3. Hi Carl. You are so right with this post. I love working with others. I am always learning something new. You know when I was in the restaurant business one of my favorite things was talking with the elderly. They always have so much insight into life to offer. Thank you so much for this very thoughtful post.


    • Melissa it is so true.

      I only wish that I would have listened more intently when I worked around several successful businessmen as a youth. It took me my entire life to really understand how they were able to accomplish what they had. If I had listened better and applied what I learned then I would have much more to offer others today. Now I have to share as I apply what I know will produce results. I will be sharing about them in my Worm Digger lesson series. Most of those men are gone now, but the businesses they built, that carry their names, are still thriving.

      Here’s to life long learning.

      Kind regards,


  4. Hi Carl.

    You are very right about listening more intently and being able to learn more. However, I also see things happen with time. To me it seems like when you are supposed to know about something it will happen at exactly the right time. The reason I am suggesting this to you is maybe if you would have listened then with the time change it may have been even harder to learn the newness now. But yes I have to agree there are some very valuable pieces that I know I have missed over the years as well. Thank you so much for responding back to me.

    • Melissa I love to dialogue and I am thankful that you took the time to comment and then reply again. It would not be right for me not to respond. At least that is how I feel.

      You hit a chord with the time and choices thing, I completely agree.

      We (my family and I) have been through a lot of stuff together, stuff that was painful and uncomfortable, but I would not change a thing. What we have gone through has made us into the people that we are. Also, my poor personal choices over the years or the lack of great ones has probably taught me more than any university could ever teach. I am excited for the days ahead and what the near future holds in store.

      Best wishes for lasting success with your own website. It looks great!

      Kind regards again,


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