You Can’t Afford Ignoring Social Media Sharing Tools

In searching online I have discovered that many people ask, what are the best social media marketing tools for business? Some are more specific and ask, what are the best social media marketing tools for small business? Among free social media tracking tools and top social media monitoring tools I find the free version of Sumo (formerly known as SumoMe) to be an excellent option. Perhaps the best option available, but I had not reviewed all available options before I settled on Sumo.

Are you interested in online marketing? Are you involved with ministry online? You cannot afford to ignore word-of-mouth advertising, and social media sharing tools like Sumo Sharing. In this post I will explain several key reasons why I chose the Sumo Plugin for my website. I trust you’ll find it useful if you’re an online writer or creator.

But even if you’re not interested in online marketing or ministry, I trust you’ll find this information useful in sharing with your online friends the interesting and helpful information that you stumble upon as you surf the world wide web. Even if you disagree with the content of a website you can share a highlight and add your own ‘two cents’ with a comment on your post.

List Builder (Reason #1)

Often the annoying pop-up asking for your email address is powered by Sumo; that is the case with this website as well. First, let me apologize if my intrusive pop-up annoyed you in any way. But If you take time to read it you will discover that it is completely editable and you can customize it to suit your needs and more importantly the needs of your reader. I hope that you will sign up for my Higher Ground devotional updates.

Higher Ground has been a life’s work for me and I am truly excited about sharing this growing-in-grace tool with you. If you X’d out of the pop up already, and want to get Higher Ground, I will be adding a Scroll Bar to the right which is another way for people to sign up for email updates. It is a much more passive and less intrusive application of Sumo List Builder. In future visits to my site you should see it there.

Contact Form (Reason #2)

At the bottom of my every post Sumo provides a ‘Send Us A Message’ box that, when used, allows a reader to send me a direct and private message. This was an unexpected benefit to using Sumo that I did not know existed and it has provided an additional way for readers to reach me. It has been a helpful tool. This is just another one of the many surprises that I have discovered with this tool. The most exciting application being the Highlights feature of social sharing that I will get to in a minute.

Traffic Stats (Reason #3)

Traffic stats you can customize, that honestly I am just beginning to use and figure out, allow me to see where my traffic is coming from, how long you stay, and what you find most interesting on my pages. I can see what days of the week are more active and what hours of each day. There are even ‘real-time’ stats that tell me how many users I have at any given time. These will be invaluable insights as I build out my ministry website and my online businesses.

Social Sharing Options (Reasons #4)

In the image below you can see three social sharing options that range from boring to super exciting on the reader value and use scale. But even with those features that are ‘same old, same old’ on most applications there are some super exciting features with Sumo that I will explain briefly below before getting to the super exciting highlighter option. Perhaps you can tell that I kind of get into this stuff. It’s okay if you don’t, I think you will find it helpful nevertheless.


Option 1 The Share Bar (Same Old Same Old)

The share bar (see above photo) is fairly self-explanatory. It could be the home page share bar or the on page share bar, they both work exactly alike. You simply select your social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc.) and a share box opens up where you can add a comment. For the most views and clicks it is recommended that you add a comment. Below is an image of a Facebook share box. You simply add your comment, choose Public or Friends, and click Post to Facebook. It couldn’t be simpler. (The first time you use sharing you may have to enter your social media user name and password. IT may not recognize if you’re already logged into it or no.) It’s that easy! But there’s more!

You can use the envelope icon to send a post directly to an email address. Perhaps you want to share with a colleague in private. That option would work for you. But the Sumo icon opens up a whole world of options, literally!

When you click on the Sumo option button you can select any social
sharing platform known to man (or at least known to Sumo) from A to Z.

Well actually from A to Y, from Arto to Yammer, but you get the idea.
LinkedIn. Reddit. Tumblr. Yummly. Houzz. If you use it then you can
probably find a social share button by clicking the Sumo crown icon.

Option 2 Image Sharing (Kind of Neat)

Image sharing is kind of neat in my opinion. I have selected to have the image share options appear at the bottom right of my images and you can share any photo to social media by simply clicking the icon of choice and following the same process described above.

The only issue here is that if you share an image from a page that is not page 1 of a story, image sharer will share the page where the image lives. I was able to remedy that with my shares by going to the social media post and removing the /2 or /3 or /4 from the URL in the post. But if you do not care which page you share Image Sharer is a great option. Specially if you just love a picture and want to comment on it or create a ‘kind of meme’ from it.

Here is an example of the above photo shared from the original page on Twitter.

You will notice that it only shared the image but that I added a comment that I though was relevant to the image.

Option 3 Highlighter (Awesome)

By far my favorite sharing tool is the highlighter. Probably because I can simply share a text or quote and do not have to cut-and-paste. Often when I share a story it is that one something the author said that really hit me. If I want to share that ‘one something’ I only have to highlight it and hover over the highlighted text as shown below. If someone had previously shared that same text there will be a numbered star, showing the number of shares. To share the exact same quote is easier still because all you have to do is click the star. (If the pop up box does not appear it is probably because you highlighted more than the allowable 240 characters.) Give it a try; highlight some text in this story and see what happens.

Unlimited Potential and Your Online Time

Word-of-mouth advertising, or sharing as we call it online, provides unlimited potential to grow your business or ministry exposure. And when your readers wish to help your cause, or help a friend by sharing your tips or topics, then these tools make it super simple. You can’t afford ignoring social media tools if you hope to build a thriving online presence. You cannot brand yourself successfully easily without them. Your online time is limited so by making use of these tools you get the advantage of the help of your readers who see your content as relevant to their social networks. Of course, it helps to have relevant content. That will be the topic of another post, another day.

I highly recommend Sumo for all of your social sharing, list building, and statistical needs. If there is anything I can help with as you set up and get started with Sumo please let me know. There is a little bit of a learning curve. I actually added the plugin three times and removed until I decided to stick with it. If I can save you some of the frustration that I had in trying to decide please let me know as well. Simply use the Sumo ‘Send Us A Message’ tool shown below.

Kind regards to you always,







  1. I like the way it works. It seems to give a good advantage of options. Sharing only a photo and then adding in your comment. Nice touch.

    The highlighter option was awesome. Looks like a great way to start sharing. You know the saying sharing is caring. You can capture emails as well, I like that.

    Sending a private message with an email. Can you give me a little more info on that. Maybe I did it wrong. Looks like it would only share. Either on Facebook or Twitter.

    It could be the tool I need for my website. Will it slow your speed down on my website? I didn’t get a chance to check it out on a smartphone. Is it mobilized?

    • Ken,

      I will take a look at your message and respond there. If there is not one then I will let you know that as well. I am happy to help any way that I can. You can sign up for the SUMO free version here if you haven’t already. One of the things I like about it is that it is only one plugin with several applications so it will not slow your site like multiple plugins will. Also yes, it is fully mobilized. Thanks for commenting and letting me know you were here.

      Kind regards again. -Carl

  2. Thanks for this article Carl.

    I have been looking at how to get my content out there more. At the moment I only have the standard sharing buttons but Sumo seems to have a whole lot more than that.

    How have you found using Sumo so far? Have you seen a change in traffic?

    • Hello SJ,

      Yes I have seen a dramatic increase in traffic. Of course that dropped some when I blocked my own visits from the count but it has been good. Sumo keeps on surprising me with the features that it offers. I keep finding tutorials on Youtube and through Google searches that tell me more. I do not envision ever changing. The best part is that they offer referral commissions so if you go with Sumo, and you wish to give me the referral, you can sign up here. But either way I am glad to help.

      Kind regards,


  3. Hi Carl,
    Sumo sounds like a great plugin. I had heard of this but really didn’t know anything about it. I really like the social media sharing aspect.


    • Hi Suzanne,

      Yes I think it was the social sharing aspect that sold me on it. But the email can be linked to dozens of current email list builders so that is a cool feature too. As well as heat maps that track the most frequently clicked places on your page and much, much more.

      Kind regards,


  4. Hey Carl

    Sumo seems to be a great plugin as it embodies features you usually can only get by several plugins. And I suppose it is better to have fewer plugins. So if one plugin can replace for instance 3 other plugins – it is already a great benefit. Furthermore, I like the list-building option this plugin offers – is this feature for free or is there a cost for it? As usually, any list building is a paid service.

    • Hello Arta,

      List builder allows up to 750 subscribers with the Free version of Sumo. I am using the free version. When I get over 500 subscribers I will probably upgrade to the 1st of four upgrade options. It is true that the fewer plugins the better as they can really slow down your site speed and therefor your site ranking in the SERPs (search engine results pages) If you want to give it a try you can get the Free version here.

      Kind regards,


  5. Hello Carl

    I’ve been looking at more effective social media tools
    and although I’ve heard of Sumo I’ve not researched it.

    You seem quite enthusiastic about it!!

    Have you seen much of a jump in traffic since using Sumo?
    Thanks for the information. I’ll go and take a
    look at the Sumo plugin now.


    • Hi Jackie,

      I have seen an increase in my traffic but to be honest I do not know if this is from my own shares of various social media platform or from secondary shares. There have been many secondary shares and shares directly from my posts for which I am thankful. I get weekly email updates of my stats from Sumo as well as the daily stats available on the desktop and mobile apps. I highly recommend Sumo. Not from comparison with other tools but simply because I have found it profoundly helpful. 

      Kind regards – send me any further questions if I can help.


  6. Hello Carl,

    Great post! I completely agree with you right there. Ignoring social media now means loosing quite some traffic in the near future. It can be obtained by just some very simple daily tasks.

    The plugin seems to be working in a magical way and I am grateful I learned it.

    Thank you once again.


    • Hey Dave,

      Thanks a lot. I am more and more amazed with its versatility the more I learn its features. It is magical!

      Kind regards,


  7. I never realized that there were three ways to share. I always just hit the normal share button and go from there. I am going to have to try some of these little tricks you have been hiding!

  8. Hey Eden,

    They really are neat share options! Sumo has many more tricks hidden away. If you give it a try and need any help give me a shout.


  9. I used to use this tool when it was still called SumoMe. At that time it had a lot of restrictions for the free version, but it sounds like there has been a lot of improvements. Maybe I should give it another try.

    Do you know what the main differences are between the paid and the free version now?



    • Hey Mike,

      I know what the Professional, Small Business, ECommerce, and Team versions consist of but I have not even explored all of the free options yet. I could not compare the Free Version to the Pro Version. Pro allows 750 subscribers, and numerous Pre-Built Templates. Also Pro-Visitor features. I am very satisfied with the Free Version though.

      I will get more info and be in touch,


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